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Extract Text from Raw Webhook

  • 11 January 2023
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I’m receving a webhook with the JSON string:


"row": [{

"offline_conversion_date": "12/27/2022",

"gclid_value_first": "CjwKCAiA-dCcBhBQEiwAeWidtSTLlONJz_5fYxxgTKO-7M8dqKk7oadad5XwQl_1RysOBH7C7MtAkhoC6icQAvD_BwE",




I want to extract “offline_conversion_date” and “gclid_value_first” separately.


I’ve tried a few JS and Extract Pattern options based on other posts but couldn’t quite crack it. 


Any help is appreciated!


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 11 January 2023, 21:11

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3 replies

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Thanks Troy - that JS worked great!

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Give this JavaScript Code a try.





let Set = JSON.parse(inputData.Set.replace(/\n/g,"").replace('",}]','"}]'));

output = [{Set}];




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Hi @carnegiehighered 

Good question.

Have you tried using a regular Catch Hook trigger instead of a Catch RAW Hook?


Some options:

  1. Use multiple Formatter > Text > Split steps in the Zap
  2. Use 1 Code step
  3. Try using OpenAI Send Prompt to do the parsing followed by a Formatter step to separate the results