Eventbrite custom form integration from standard Zapier trigger: commas play havoc

  • 7 October 2022
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I am trying to use the standard Eventbrite New Order event into Zapier to build a zap. I am familiar with the option of using webhooks and code etc., however, in the interest of building something quickly for a small budget I decided to use this approach.

Now, the requirement list just changed to accommodate a custom order form in Eventbrite, and supporting multiple attendee purchases in the same order. 

I am trying to see if this is feasible without going down the webhooks+code route. I am trying to use only Python Code by Zapier to parse out the incoming data, and send it downstream so it can be mapped into my target system.

Here, I see that when the order is received by the trigger, the multiple attendee purchase information, name, email, company as well as custom Q+A is received as an array of attendee key-values: For example:




       Name: Name1

       Question: Why?

       Answer: this, that.


      Name: Name2

      Question: Why?

      Answer: don’t know!


HOWEVER, magic(?) happens as soon as we get to the Action step. Internally, Zapier combines every similar key’s values into one string, and does this for each key. For example, I see the information as:


Attendee Profile Name: Name1, Name2

Attendee Profile Question: Why? Why?

Attendee Profile Answer: this, that, don’t know!


Now, the only way for me to separate it out and fill it into separate fields is by parsing it using a comma delimiter. Since the comma is used in “data”, there is no way for me to figure if this is a delimiter inserted by Zapier or a part of my data string.


Is it possible to set up any formatter etc. before parsing this data, which will precede the data commas with a backward slash, etc. -- to clearly separate it from the delimiter comma being used while stringifying?

I would like to get some clarity from Zapier regarding this. If this is not feasible, I will need to set the expectations of the stakeholders for adde project budget, or look into enforcing an order with a single attendee only, etc. 

Thank you in advance!! Feel free to contact me if you wish to gather more information!!


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1 reply

(OP here): Also, tried with New Attendee Registered trigger, and it is sending the information in the exact same format, not separating out each attendee.