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Date format (without time) in Notion database

  • 10 November 2021
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I can’t find a way to create or update a date field without the time in Notion.

I tried to send a “YYYY-MM-DD” date, but Zapier automatically format it to ISO Datetime (with time set to 00:00:00.000).

Data received by Notion is correctly understood, but it changes the display of the value in my table - even if my setting in Notion says not to include time.

For what I understand, the problem could be solved if Zapier was sending the date without any time.

I tried Zapier date formatter and other javascript solutions, all the time it gets converted back to an ISO Datetime at the request level.

Last solution would be to build the whole API request myself, but I thought it would help others if it was possible simply through Notion Integration ?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 10 November 2021, 18:36

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3 replies

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Hi @Doic 


Temporal values (dates and datetimes) are encoded in ISO 8601 strings.

Datetimes will include the time value (2020-08-12T02:12:33.231Z) while dates will include only the date (2020-08-12)


Issue might be based on your field type.

Thanks @Troy Tessalone 

From what I understood in Notion API Reference, it’s exactly what you said. It depends on the string we send to the API. If we send YYYY-MM-DD only, it will be stored without time value.

There is no difference between date and datetime types on the database side :-(

So I think it would be great to add (on Zapier) the option to send a date without time information...

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You can submit feedback and feature request via Zapier Support: