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Custom webhook: Content-Length and Host headers

  • 9 March 2021
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Looks like Custom request webhook does not automatically include “Content-Length” and/or “Host” headers. However, when I use GET/POST or PUT request (not custom request), looks like the headers are included, but I cannot use them as I need custom request body because I am working with GraphQL API.


How do I add “Content-Length” and/or “Host” headers to “Custom request” Webhook?





Best answer by Troy Tessalone 9 March 2021, 16:15

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5 replies

Thanks! The problem was that the GraphQL queries should always contain “query” and “variables” fields on the top level, I didn’t know that so the request was malformed. The `Content-Length` and `Host` belong to the headers that cannot be modified and are added automatically by the client (according to fetch standard:


Thanks again for your answers, this thread can be closed.

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Also I’ve used POST request with Graph QL before, not via the Custom Method option.

Example with


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Hi @turis 

That’s generally indicated by the API you’re sending data to.

What values should I put there?

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Hi @turis 

Try using the Headers section at the bottom of the Webhooks action step