zapier not pulling Drip data

  • 11 January 2021
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Zapier support seems to be worthless on this topic and they keep sending me worthless solutions.


Zapier is not pulling data from Drip. It is not pulling “custom events” and it will also not pull data from my contacts in drip.  

I’m trying to create spreadsheet in Google Sheets, but without my data fields from Drip, this is proving worthless.  I swear they aren’t even reading my emails.



Jerry Everist

4 replies

Yes, i reconnected shopify.

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Hey @JerryEverist,

did you try to reconnect the Shopify account?

Somehow after 5 days, I was finally able to pull data from Drip. 


Now I can’t pull data from Shopify even though I am following all instructions from Zapier instant suggeststions.  

3 new orders have been created.


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Please share some more details as in what you got right now, what you did and what kind of errors you see.

Screenshots help a lot. We can't see in your system ;)