What phone call app can be used with zapier, that have timeout parameter?

  • 17 May 2020
  • 3 replies

“Email 2 call” from zapiers build email to twilio lacks parameter “timeout” and
i need it to prevent reaching phone’s voice mailbox.

So i would set timeount so it wont ring too long.

What phone call app can be used with zapier that have timeout parameter?

3 replies

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Hi @Chomik! I’ve not used a phone app myself, so I’m not sure which one would have the parameter that you need, but you all of the Phone apps that Zapier connects with are on this page: Zapier Phone and SMS apps Perhaps you could do some Googling to find a service that has what you need and check to see if it integrates with Zapier?

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Hi @Chomik! I’d love to hear if you were able to find a service that had the timeout feature that you needed and integrated with Zapier - did you have any luck?

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Hi @Chomik!

I wanted to check in with you on this one, since we didn't hear back after our last message. Did you still need help here or were you able to resolve things? Please let us know :)