use zapier to update worksheet template and send certain results by mail

  • 1 August 2020
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I’m looking for the following solution: the web form on my websites integrates to the CRM package via zapier. that works perfect. Now the data entered in the webform can be used to calculate a price, based on a template google sheet.

what I would like to do is the following : send the parameters from the webform via zapier to a google sheet. this sheet should calculate a price and send a result via mail to a destination.

is this possible ? is I get some hints, I think I can do it….

many thanks for the help

1 reply

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Hi @dirk-viprent!

That sounds like it should be possible :) The key to this is that in the Zap you have to create the formulas right there in the editor, where you can also map values that came from your trigger step. Here’s an example of what I mean:

In that post you can see that I’ve added formulas in the Zap, and that after that step runs I’m able to use the output of that formula. In my case, it was modifying text but you can use numbers as well.

Hopefully that helps to get you started!