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  • 25 March 2020
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Recently we decided to try the integration between AutoTask and MS Teams.
When using my administrative account, I can very easily connect Zapier to my 365 account.
When using my non-administrative account I get a permissions error.

Is there a guide of what permissions, and what setup in 365 is required to use Zapier?


3 replies


I’m having a similar issue. Our Office 365 admin would like to know exactly what permissions Zapier is requesting. I can’t find anything in the help documents, the only piece of information I could find said “Ensure your Microsoft Teams account that you're connecting to Zapier is one of the following administrator roles: Global Administrator, Security Administrator, Security Reader or Privileged Role Administrator.”. Can you list specifically what is needed, and what is the minimal permissions required? We’re not going to be using a global administrator account to connect with.

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Hi @ThaMuffinMan ,

Checking in to see if you were able to square away your connection here!

If you are still running into any issues, please let us know- always happy to help :relaxed:

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Hi @ThaMuffinMan,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry you’re running into an issue connecting here!

It sounds like your admin (I assume that’s you in this case!) will need to go into your Microsoft Teams permissions page to grant access to users who are not admins. Here is a link to what information Zapier would need access to:

Let us know if that does the trick and please reach out with any additional questions!