Zoho Projects - “The Auth is expired. Please reconnect here.” Error

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I am having the same issue with Projects Zoho.

The Auth is expired. Please reconnect here.

I tried reconnecting multiple times
Tried deleting apps from zoho to connect again.

But nothing works

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I am having the same issue with Zoho connection. Reached out to Zapier and waiting to see if there is a solution. 


I am also facing the similar issue while connecting with Zoho Projects  I have deleted the connections and build new one but the issue is persistent . I am unable  to create schedule the mail as it is throwing  this error-          “This auth is expired. Please reconnect it here.”.  This issue is from past 1 month

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Hi friends,

So sorry for the very late response here. Have you managed to sort things out? If not, please let me know the progress you’ve made and if you’re still running into the same issue.

Please keep me updated. Thank you!