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Wordpress - This account is expired. Please reconnect it here.

  • 4 November 2022
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I signed up to Zapier a little over a month ago and during the 30-day free trial everything worked well. About a week after the trial ended and I was using the free plan, my three Zaps from Wordpress to Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn stopped working and I got a message that said the Wordpress account expired and had to be reconnected. I was presented with this screen:

This integration uses the WordPress REST API and requires that the Zapier plugin be installed and activated on your WordPress site for authentication. Before you proceed, please install and activate the plugin.

Base URL 

Enter your full publicly accessible WordPress URL (with leading http:// or https://). Do not include /wp-admin/ or wp-login.php.

If your WordPress site has a custom Login URL, please do not include the custom URL value. For example: use instead of your Base URL value.


The username or email you use to login. If one does not work, try the other.


I have tried to reconnect the account but nothing seems to work. I set up a separate Zapier user in Wordpress but that didn’t make any difference. I also deleted the Zapier plugin and reinstalled it but that did not  solve the problem.

I feel like Zapier doesn’t want people to use the free account. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get this to work again?


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Hey there, @David S! Sorry to hear you’re running into this but we appreciate you reaching out here in community.

I’d recommend giving this similar question a read through as it gives a walkthrough of some troubleshooting options to try. 

If none of those work, next step would be to open a ticket with my teammates in support and they can dig into this a bit more.

We’re truly not trying to gate keep answers - full transparency, WordPress is just a beast in terms of plugins/settings/requirements. 😔

Keep us posted either way though - we definitely want to make sure you’re squared away here!


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I did open a ticket with Tech Support. After some research, they advised that there is a known issue between Zapier and The Events Calendar plug-in. This information has been forwarded to the Zapier product team in hopes they can update the Zapier plug-in quickly.

I have a similar problem with a Zap from Kickoff Labs to MailerLite. Neither one is a “premium” app. The Free account should work -- as it did for the first 2 weeks. But it doesn’t. 

Is it a bug? Or a ruse to get you to upgrade? Not sure. I logged a query with support more than 24 hours ago, which is their time limit for responding.


BTW, the advice to open a ticket with my teammates sucks. Unless you want to get lost in a sea of blather.