Zendesk error: The app returned"SoftTimeLimitExceeded()"

  • 20 October 2023
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We have several Zaps that use Zendesk as a trigger. The event is “New ticket”

Some of these Zaps have been working without fault for 2 years, however, this week we have started seeing an issue with some of these zaps.

The issue results in the Zaps being switched off automatically and returning the error message below:


Step 1 - New Ticket in Zendesk



Has anyone seen this error message before or knows how we can resolve this error?

4 replies

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Hi @mlingard 

Good question.

Check the Zendesk Status page:

The SoftTimeLimitExceeded error is triggered when a task exceeds the soft time limit set for it. This exception is raised to signal that the task should be terminated.

I’m getting this too and it has disabled my Zaps. How do we resolve this issue? 

Figured it out, for my specific Zendesk trigger, it was looking for a non-existent Zendesk view. Perhaps the error could include what particular setting in the step exceeded the time limit. 

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