Unable to pull the address, city, or ZIP when new contacts are generated in SALT.

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a zap to pull customer data after a contact has been created from SALT and create a new customer lead in Agency Zoom. The zap isn’t giving me any errors, and the test works well and fills out all info fields. However, when new contacts are actually generated in SALT, it will not pull the address, city, or ZIP. All other fields work great (email, phone number, marital status, etc.), but the address, city, and zip is left blank.

I’ve tried entering different variables to where the data could be pulled from in addition to the fields I know it should pull from to no avail.

Any ideas as to what would be causing this exclusion?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey there, @FIA! Thanks for reaching out in community and we definitely want to help.

Hmm, can you link to the apps being used in your zap? I wasn’t able to find SALT or Agency Zoom in our app directory and knowing that may help the community with troubleshooting. 🙂

If these are custom apps built specifically for your company, we won’t have insight into what fields are being returned for triggers and actions. In that case, we’d recommend reaching out to the app developers to see if they’re able to offer any insight. 

If you’re building these zaps on our dev platform, feel free to let me know and I’m happy to move the question to our Dev Discussion forum.

Keep us posted! 🤗

Thanks for the reply @christina.d

Here’s the link for AZ: AgencyZoom Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier
However, I’m not able to pull up SALT. Their website is here: SALT (


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Ah, thanks for that! So it does look like the SALT app is private.

While you’re right - this does sound like it’s something to do with the trigger not pulling in the address field. If you’ve already confirmed the leads entered have addresses associated with them in SALT, I’d recommend reaching out to the app developer. I’d imagine the agency received some type of invite to the app. Due to it being private though we’re not able to offer any type of workaround at the moment.

Sorry to not have better news! Please keep us posted if you have any other questions - we’ll do our best to help.