The Zap is sending Discord messages together and not individually according to calendar event timing.

  • 6 January 2024
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Multiple issues:

1. Check the pictures for visual support, i have multiple entries on different timings - On discord it's sending them all together, i don't understand why

2. For some channels that have the same bots that other channels have, zapier gives me webhook error, i just gave up and rebuilding on the channels that zapier works on.

#1 issue is extremely important because it is compiling all messages together and sending them as multiple tasks when the earliest one is triggered, it should be triggered individually according to the time of each reminder/event in the calendar, please help

1 reply

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Hi there @Malversed,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Regarding your 1st question:

Have you tried using the “Event Start” trigger in Google Calendar instead? Because the “New or Updated Event” trigger will trigger on every newly CREATED and UPDATED events.

Regarding your 2nd question:

The way the integration works is that the Zap checks Discord for existing webhooks. If one is available, the Zap will claim that webhook to use for the Zap. But if the webhook is already in use by some other non-Zapier bot, issues may arise, including this 50027 error.

There are a couple of options for trying to resolve this behavior.

Remove Channel Follows

According to this Community post, "Removing all 'Channel Follows' from a channel fixed the problem. With Discord, you can only have one or the other."

According to Discord's help doc here, channel following uses webhooks and this might interfere with the Zap posting content to the same channel.

Remove Other Bots / Webhooks

Do you have any other webhooks or bots in this channel? If so, you can follow these directions to see if this resolves the problem:

  1. Turn your Zap off
  2. Remove the other webhook(s) that their channel/channel bots were using
  3. Then, reconnect your Discord connection to Zapier again here:
  4. Turn your Zap back on
  5. Exit and restart Discord. Then, check if a new webhook has appeared for the channel
  6. Finally, trigger the Zap again to see if the bot is able to post a message to Discord

Hopefully, this helps!