OpenAI app: can't send prompt using GPT-4

  • 5 September 2023
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I’ve bee trying to build a zap that sends prompts to Open Ai’s API, then calls back the text as input into Zapier, with GPT-4. I think the issue I’m having is what others might be describing here…

When I build a Zap using “OpenAI (GPT-3, DALL-E, Whisper)” as the app on Zapier, I don’t get the option of using GPT-4. 

However, if I use “ChatGPT” as the app for my action on Zapier, I do get the option to use GPT-4. 

The problem, however, is the ChatGPT app has limited functionality under the available actions for the zap. ChatGPT does not allow me to send a prompt, instead, you have presets like “summarize text” or “sentiment analysis”.

On the other hand, the “OpenAI (GPT-3, DALL-E, Whisper)” app does allow you to send a prompt as an action, just not with the gpt-4 model. 


Has anyone found a way to bypass this? Can you set up a zap that sends a prompt to Open Ai’s API using GPT-4 or later? 


1 reply

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Good question.

Try this Zap action: ChatGPT - Conversation