Notion error: Unable to load choices, we're having trouble loading 'Database' data.

  • 7 June 2023
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Hello community! I’m having this same problem: Zapier can’t find the DB connected, and I already have another Zap working (with the same DB’s). I Already do everything they said to do on this topic, and nothing is working. Right now I’m having this message saying:

Unable to load choices
We're having trouble loading 'Database' data. Bargle! There was a problem with the data returned from this step! Please contact support.


Am I missing something or anything additional I can do?


Thanks for your help!

7 replies

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Hi @christhompsona 

Good question.


My databases are not listed in the dropdown menu

Zapier can only access any databases that have been shared with your bot integration.

  1. In Notion, click "Settings & Members" on the left sidebar. 
  2. In the dialog box, click "My Connections".
  3. Click the "..." next to the Zapier Connection.
  4. Select "Access selected pages" in the dropdown menu, and ensure that the page you want to access is checked.

Hi, @Troy Tessalone. Thanks for your reply. I’ve already reviewed and done this. All connections are Ok and function equally on Notion and Zapier. Also, already create a new Zap, reconnect my Notion account and still nothing, same error.

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Can you provide a screenshot as proof that the database has Zapier access in Notion?

Hi, @Troy Tessalone Here’s some screenshots. 





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Try disconnecting Zapier from the database, then reconnecting it.

@Troy Tessalone. It’s all done. Still the same problem on Zapier ;(

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You can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support for possible guidance: