New "Pushed Message" zap not locating trigger step

  • 12 August 2022
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ISSUE: I have connected slack to my zapier and I have added zapier to the Slack channels. When I create a new “Pushed Message” zap, it is not finding the trigger. I have tried private and public channels, both my and my colleagues Slack accounts, disconnected and reconnected the accounts, turned the zap on and off, deleted and retried-- NOTHING WORKS! It is showing a connection with the Slack account but it is not recognizing a trigger when I try to test.

I have reached out to Slack and they told me it’s Zapier’s problem so PLEASE HELP. I need this to work or we’re in big trouble. 


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2 replies

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Hi there, @TMS Marketing - I’m so sorry to hear you’re running into this. Thank you for outlining some of the steps you’ve taken thus far! We definitely want to help.

My teammate mentioned this being associated with a bug - which it’s certainly possible you’re being impacted by it! However there were a few points I wanted to clarify before going that route.

I hope you don’t mind bearing with me while we try one thing here - once you turn the zap on and navigate to Slack are you able to share what you see there? We’re specifically looking for a modal that says “Push to Zapier” and I’m curious to see/hear if anything occurs after that. 

Ideally after hitting that button you would see another one that says “Push Message to Zapier”. If you’re not seeing this and nothing happens post “Push to Zapier”, it’s a good indication you are being impacted by this bug. 😔

That said, I’ll keep an eye out for your response and we’ll go from there!

Hi, any updates here ? (i am having the same issue)