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  • 17 February 2023
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I created a ZAP and my trigger is : when a subscription is created in memberpress I am taking that data and I create an invoice on QuickBook.

My problem is that my ZAP is not reading the subscription at all when I test it even thought I have quite a few present.



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3 replies

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Hi @Nickthompson 

Good question.

Do any of these apply?


About MemberPress's Integration

What kind of authentication does MemberPress use?

MemberPress uses API keys.

Do I need a paid MemberPress account to use MemberPress with Zapier?

You need a MemberPress Plus or Pro plan to use MemberPress with Zapier.

Do I need special account permissions in MemberPress to use MemberPress with Zapier?

There aren't any specific MemberPress account permissions to connect MemberPress to Zapier.

Are there any API token limits in MemberPress when I use MemberPress with Zapier?

No, there are no token limits when using MemberPress with Zapier.

Are there any webhook subscription limits in MemberPress when I use MemberPress with Zapier?

MemberPress doesn't have any webhook subscription limits when you use MemberPress with Zapier.

Are custom fields in MemberPress supported when I use MemberPress with Zapier?

Yes, MemberPress supports custom fields.

Does MemberPress use real trigger samples from my MemberPress account?

Yes, MemberPress provides real trigger samples from your MemberPress account.

What kind of MemberPress hosted account can I use with Zapier?

MemberPress's Zapier integration supports both self-hosted and cloud-hosted accounts.

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Hi Troy,

I am not sure exactly what to check to be honest, what you pasted explains how Membership works.

I do have the PRO version indeed. I have a license.

Still, with all that my subscriptions / transaction are not been seen in my zapier.

Kindly advice.



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You can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support for further assistance: