Issue with moving files in Google Drive through Zapier - Works in test, fails when published.

  • 27 October 2023
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This post was split from the topic: Failure to move file from previous step in Google Drive

I am having an issue with it not moving the file. When I test it, it works but when a new file is created, it does not move. Everything is set up like other zaps that do the same thing and work.

I use this as the file name:

Any ideas?

1 reply

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 Hi @gromey. Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your post out into a brand new thread to get it some more attention since the previous topic was fairly old and already had a best answer marked.

Are there any differences in the file types (Google Doc, JPG, PDF etc.) that are working and those that aren’t? Just wondering if perhaps the Move File action is only able to move certain files. Do you think that could be the case or do all the files share the same file type?

Also, are you getting any errors when testing the Move File action? If so can you share a screenshot of the full error message here so we can take a look at it? Remember to remove/hide any private information (like names, emails, addresses etc.) from the screenshot before sharing.

Looking forward to hearing from you!