Failed to create a lead in Close (Status Code 400 Bad Request)

  • 27 October 2022
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I have set up a Zap that connects a Facebook form to create a new lead in and assign the status to a Smart View.

All of the mapping is done correctly but when I test the action I get the following error:

“Failed to create a lead in Close
The request to /lead/ failed because of the following errors: {"field-errors":{"contacts":{"errors":{"0":{"field-errors":{"phones":{"errors":{"0":{"field-errors":{"phone":"Invalid phone number."},"errors":[]}}},"urls":{"errors":{"0":{"field-errors":{"url":"Invalid URL."},"errors":[]}}}},"errors":[]}}},"url":"Invalid URL."},"errors":[]}”

This is super frustrating as I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong - any ideas? 

Thank you in advance,

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3 replies

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Hi @MarkoP 

As the error suggests, it seems like you are passing invalid phone number and URL, to properly investigate send over the data here as a screenshot from history of test trigger step.

For phone number use “Formatter by Zapier — Numbers — Format Phone Number” to format your number to the accepted format in

For easier integration use plain text field wherever possible instead of any format-specific fields.

Thank you! @robschmidt 

I used the formatted tool but I am still getting an error - it seems like it’s only pulling “dummy data” from the FB leads form. Here is a screenshot. 


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Hey @MarkoP happy to help out here! Have you tried utilizing the FB Lead Ads testing tool? That should help you get other sample data in there so you can proceed with setting up subsequent steps:

Let us know if that helps! Always happy to lend a hand where we can. 🙂