Despite having a connection with Notion Teamspace Database, it does not appear on Zapier

  • 4 October 2023
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I just joined a new teamspace as a member. I was able to connect my account on Zapier and in Notion, it shows me the “connection” being made to Zapier. Zapier has access to that page.



I found this forum and I didn’t really have a takeaway to implement from here to make it work. I have reset my connection and I keep running into the same issue.

3 replies

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Hi @austinbuilder 

Good question.

Help article to review about using Notion in Zaps:


Do I need special account permissions in Notion to use Notion with Zapier?

You need to be a Notion admin to connect Notion to Zapier.


My databases are not listed in the dropdown menu

Zapier can only access any databases that have been shared with your bot integration.

  1. In Notion, click "Settings & Members" on the left sidebar. 
  2. In the dialog box, click "My Connections".
  3. Click the "..." next to the Zapier Connection.
  4. Select "Access selected pages" in the dropdown menu, and ensure that the page you want to access is checked.
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@Troy Tessalone thanks for your response! Love your content on Twitter. 

If I understand this correctly, I will need to request the Notion Teamspace Owner to create a Zapier account that will be shared with others. This shared Zapier account will be able to access the database now.

Currently, I have joined as a new member onto the Notion teamspace and I might not be considered an admin DESPITE it showing that Notion and Zapier have been connected on Notion.

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Yeah give that a try to see if it addresses the issue.