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Create Invoice in Quickbook Online - Location Field Not Working

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We are working with the Create Invoice in QBO component in Zapier.

We would like to set the field “Location” to a US State abbreviation (e.g. CA, LA). 

However, when editing the field from the Zap, there is a notice that the field is “Only available for France locales.” If I pass the value CA to this field, that field does not get written to the Invoice.

Our current process is having a user manually write the abbreviation to the field in QB. I did see there was a post about this 8 months ago stating that the Location field was not supported. Is that still the case? Is this something that is on the roadmap?


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Hi @JonathanVerret, welcome to the Community!

You’re right! It looks like we’ve got a feature request open for the ability to support additional locations on the Create Invoice (QuickBooks Online) action. I don’t have any ETA I can share on when it will be supported. But I’ve added your vote to that feature request which allows us to email you the minute those additional locations become available to select.

That said, you mentioned that the abbreviations are manually written into the field in QuickBooks. So does that mean that they don’t currently exist in list of locations in QuickBooks?

If so, could you try adding them to the list of locations and then try testing the Create Invoice action again with the custom CA location? I’m just wondering if that might get QuickBooks to add it correctly. If that doesn’t work though, then we’d then need to wait for this feature request to be implemented.

Hope that helps. We’ll be sure to post any updates or workarounds we come across here in the meantime! 🙂

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I figured out something today that may help … I was looking to update a “Location” per the List Item in QBO (US Version). When looking at the fields on a test invoice that Zapier pulled in for the trigger, I noticed that what I was looking for as the “Location” was marked as a “DepartmentRef” on the field names. Once I changed my action step to map to the “Department” instead of the “Location” (only available in France locales), the zap worked!

Attaching screenshots for a visual.

Test Data with the “Location” set up correctly
Action Step with No Location Data, Item Mapped to Add It


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That is awesome news, @AWalkerCPA! Thank you so much for sharing the solution you found for this, we really appreciate it! 🤗

@JonathanVerret - if you give @AWalkerCPA’s suggestion here a try and manage to get it working please do let us know, keen to ensure you’re all set! 🙂