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Connecting Odoo, getting an error: authentication failed with certain parameters.

  • 22 April 2022
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When I connect my odoo account on zapier I get the "authentication failed” error. How can I connect my odoo online account connected to zapier?




Best answer by christina.d 29 April 2022, 03:05

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Hi @marc99 

Good question.

Have you checked these?


About the Odoo CRM Integration

  • Admin/owner permissions: Only works with instances that are hosted at and will not work for self-hosted instances.
    For self-hosted instances, use the OpenERP integration.

Hi Troy

Yes I did and I got the screenshoted error right after I click “Yes, Continue” on the 2nd stpe of this article.

Thanks for your message!

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If you still need help you can open a ticket with Zapier Support:

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Hi there @marc99! Thank you for reaching out.

I wanted to loop back and keep the thread updated with some of the findings ya’ll were able to come up with in your support ticket. I hope you don’t mind!

It does appear you’re experiencing a known bug with the Odoo app. 😔 As my teammates mentioned, you were added to the list of affected users. While we don’t have an ETA for a fix, this will ensure you’re emailed once there is one. We’ll also be sure to keep this thread updated as well! 

Thanks again for flagging this! 

Hey, we have unfortunately the same error, and the connection to Odoo is very important for our workflow.

Are there any news about this issue? or is there something like a workaround? 


Or does someone know another solution instead of Zapier, which is working with Odoo?

Thanks for your help in advance! 

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Hi @nicolasfischer, thanks for checking in on this. I’m afraid we don’t have any updates on our side, hopefully someone will be able to help you with a workaround 🤞🏻



Is there any update for this case? 

Normally I’m very happy with Zapier, but I don’t know how to proceed in this case.  




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Lamentablemente nosotros también tenemos el mismo error, no podemos conectar con Odoo CRM los leads que llegan automáticamente. ¿Alguna actualización?


Gracias 😓

Hi, this is also affecting us. Is there any resolution? Can you please add us to any coms surrounding this.