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BigCommerce flat out won't connect -- help!

  • 9 April 2023
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Has anyone new been unable to get the BigCommerce integration to work? I see people have integrations that are working, but when I try and connect Zapier to BC, no matter the browser or device, I get an error. I an not inexperienced with this kind of thing and have confirmed I am entering the data requested.

I contacted support, and it's supposedly being looked at by the BC team, but so far nothing. Really need this to work. Ideas?


Thank you!


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8 replies

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Hi @Richard Mockler 

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

It looks like you have already been added by the Support Specialist you worked with, according to their reply:

After reviewing our system logs a bit more closely, I can confirm that what you’re running into is a known bug with BigCommerce. It seems what happens is our system is inadvertently modifying the store search to look at the wrong API path for V2 instead of V3. We’re not sure the cause just yet.

With that being the case, we’ve filed a bug report with the team in charge of the BigCommerce integration so that they can look into this and hopefully get it resolved.

We can’t provide an exact timeframe of when the developers will resolve this, but we’ll let you know via email.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Thank you for the amazingly quick reply and the detail. I had not heard that so very helpful. 

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Hi @Richard Mockler 

You’re welcome.

Let us know if you have other questions, we’ll be happy to help! 😊

Hi @Charie and @Richard Mockler . Do you know if Zapier can now connect to BigCommerce? I’m also trying to hook up a new connection to BigCommerce and having trouble even though I was able to do it successfully a few months ago.

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Hi @LKramer 

Jumping in to see if I can help!

I see it is still an active bug. Besides that I don't have any updates, unfortunately. 

Since this integration is owned by BigCommerce, I am not able to see if they are actively working on it or not. You may want to reach out to their support team as well as hearing about issues from your customer always carries more weight.

I’ve added you to our bug report so that once the issue is fixed, we’ll notify you!

Ok, thank you. This is a different response than I received before, which indicated that the BigCommerce 
team at Zapier was working on it.

Does anyone have any updates to this? Such a large integration would be effected this long. 

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Hi there @HelpMeHelpyou,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any updates regarding the bug at the moment. Prioritization is largely dependent on the number of customers affected.

I'm sorry that I don't have a more definitive answer for you right now. But please know that we appreciate your patience and we'll definitely reach out to you via email or on this thread as soon as we have any updates.