Allow multiple input channels in Trigger step

  • 16 March 2024
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Currently in Zapier, the initial trigger step can select either one input channel from the source, or (in some cases) all input channels; but you cannot select a subset with 2 or more input channels.

That is abstract, so let me make this concrete with two examples:

1. Suppose the trigger is to submit a new form entry in Wufoo ( In the Trigger section, the zap component for Wufoo allows you select exactly one form. But often 2 or more forms will need the exact same processing, differing only in superficial ways such as the sales copy.

2. When using the premium Facebook Lead Ads trigger, you are allowed to select a single Instant Form to trigger off of; or you can elect to trigger off all Instant Forms defined in the Meta ad account. The later is rarely useful, as different Instant Forms generally target different funnels or market segments, so require rather different processing. But it is common to have 2 or more Instant Forms which require identical processing.

In both these examples, your current options are:

1. Construct the Zap for one trigger channel. Then duplicate the Zap, and customize to trigger off the second channel.

2. Create a sub-zap, and multiple "triggering" zaps for each trigger channel, which simply call the sub-zap.

Neither of these are ideal:

For #1, this means any changes in the process must be repeated for each cloned Zap. This is error-prone at best, and can easily lead to corruption of automation if all Zaps are not carefully tracked with strictly controlled human processes.

#2 avoids that particular problem. But it adds substantial complexity and risk in other areas. For example, each "trigger" zap which calls the sub-zap must manually be set up with all data fields that need to be passed. For Facebook Lead Ads, this is dozens of fields; accurately passing all data to the sub-zap is a tedious and perilously error-prone process. Of course, it also proliferates the number of Zaps.

All of the above can be easily avoided if Zapier were to make one change: when a Trigger zap has multiple trigger channels (as I am using the term), allow several to be selected. And do this at a level which applies to all Trigger zaps.

Deploying this feature will substantially reduce the complexity and error rates from more complex Zapier deployments, and thus reduce the friction to adopting and expanding use of Zapier. It will also reduce Zapier's support costs, while improving satisfaction of your highest-spending customers. This will of course only improve Zapier's revenue and bottom line.

I hope the value of this feature request is recognized by a Zapier Project Manager, or someone else with the authority to escalate appropriately.

Please consider adding this feature, to greatly improve the utility of Zapier for your highest-value customers.

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