[New Integration] Ubiqod: field service management with QR codes and IoT

  • 8 January 2021
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Hi there :raised_hand: ,

We provide Field Service Management solutions based on IoT. We automate on-demand service requests and time tracking on the field with IoT buttons.

Like this one:

In the past, we were using webhooks to connect to Zapier. We made a lot of demos in IoT conferences to show the power of Zapier associated with IoT.

With the COVID, we had an increasing demand for traceability and cheap contactless solutions. So we built a platform called Ubiqod, that works with both IoT and QR codes, and we made a brand new Zapier integration.

There are many use cases:

  • Time tracking (i.e. remote workers)
  • On demand services
  • Asset tracking
  • Customer feedback
  • ...

Here is a tutorial for on demand service (industrial dumpsters): https://www.ubiqod.com/docs/zapier/#what-we-want-to-achieve

You can register for a free account here: https://admin.ubiqod.com/#/register

Invite link: https://zapier.com/developer/public-invite/117420/f05479c250f90fc13dd566544df205e0/

We would love to have any feedback from the community.

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