Workaround to Retrieve Trello Cards by ID Using the Update Card action

  • 26 May 2023
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Hi everyone,

We have an application that stores Trello card IDs in Airtable and I was having a hard time creating an automation in Zapier because there's no native way of getting the card by its ID (only to search by card name, which is not useful in our particular case as card names might change).

Since I couldn't find a solution in other posts, I decided to share how we did it.

You can get a card by its ID using an “Update Card” action (instead of “Find Card”). On the Card field pass the ID and leave all the other fields blank (so no fields are actually “updated”). This allows you to use the card from this step in further steps of the Zap.

Hope it helps.


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Hi @sistemasUp! 👋

Ah, yes the Find Card action isn’t able to search by ID at present. There’s an existing feature request for this that’s been discussed in Community before:

I’ve added your vote to that feature request so we can notify you the minute it becomes possible.   

Thanks for sharing your workaround of using a Update Record action and leaving all fields blank but the Card field (where you would select the relevant Card ID field) then outputs the details for the card:


I’d not tested that workaround out myself so super pleased to hear it definitely works! 🙂