SalesLoft workflows with Webhooks by Zapier

  • 17 November 2021
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Hi all!

I wanted to show you a few ways to integrate SalesLoft into your workflow. While there isn’t an “official” SalesLoft integration at the moment, we’re big fans of the workaround. And as it turns out one of the best ways to get a workflow up and going when an “out of the box” solution isn’t readily available is by using Webhooks by Zapier. Here are a few resources for brushing up if it’s been awhile or if you’re just getting started:


Let’s get into it!

In order to achieve this, we’ll be using SalesLoft API. There are a variety of ways to implement their API and you can make it as fancy as your heart desires. Today we’re focusing on some more straightforward workflows.

New lead in SalesLoft to Slack notification

First off, say you’d like to be notified anytime a new lead generates in SalesLoft. 

Trigger - Webhooks by Zapier - Retrieve Poll

The initial setup in your Zap should look a bit like this.



  • URL - The proper URL is dependent on the endpoint were looking to hit. In this case it’s “people” and can be found here by clicking TRY under “Test this endpoint”.
  • Headers - creating your API key and formatting for this can be found under the API Key Authentication section

Now that it’s all setup, you’ll want to make sure there’s some test data to work with in SalesLoft prior to testing the trigger. We prefer superheroes but a regular human works just fine.

Action - Slack - Send DM in Slack

From here it’s fairly straight forward! Setup your Slack login info and whatever message you prefer, mapping the outputs from the webhook.

Woohoo! You’re all setup to be notified next time a new lead is added to SalesLoft.

Create new lead in SalesLoft from a form


Let’s say you want new leads to be entered into SalesLoft when their contact info is logged in a form. Webhooks can do that too with a post webhook.

Trigger - Google Forms - New or Updated Response in Spreadsheet in Google Forms



Action - Webhooks by Zapier - POST

Your zap setup here would be very similar to the above example and look like this:



  •  The formatting for the Data fields can be found under People - “Create a person

Boom. Peter Parker has a new home in SalesLoft where you can follow up with him for all his sales needs.


Ah, the power of webhooks! Obviously we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible. Hopefully it helps though and is a fun jumping off point to building cool workflows. That’s all folks! I’ll see ya around.

1 reply

Hi there! Thank you for this, it’s very helpful for our company. 🎉

Question though, would there be a way to filter the trigger? For example, only trigger if there is a change of email or phone number made in Salesloft.