A Slack reminder to stretch every day

  • 23 March 2020
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So I made a Zap that reminds me every day at 3pm to stretch. I get a Slack message encouraging me to stretch, and I’ve added a 10-minute yoga video.


I’m wondering if folks have ideas for how I can make this better!

For instance, I was thinking about integrating my calendar somehow.

I was also thinking about using Google Sheets to create a list of short Yoga videos, and have them attach to the Zap randomly. Get some variety in there.


I’m curious if others have any thoughts! You can check out the Zap here: https://zapier.com/shared/a61511e8a48d79ccce17ff980e43a1e8eb6330d2

1 reply

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Hi @adbaum I think that using Google Sheets to add a random video each day would be great! I’m less likely to ignore a message if it isn’t the same every day. 


Are there any other variations that folks think could be helpful? Or perhaps you have your own ‘wellbeing’ Zaps that you’d like to share!