Zapier University has a new home on!

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Zapier University has a new home on!


Joey here from Zapier’s video team. If you’ve watched some of our Zap tutorials or any of the Zapier University videos, we’ve e-met. Good to see you again!

I wanted to let our community know that at long last, Zapier University has an official home on There, you can watch both the entry-level, brand-new-to-automation Zapier 101 as well as the I-know-how-to-automate-now-show-me-the-goods Zapier 102

If you haven’t checked those out and are curious to learn some Zapier tricks, give them a watch! There’s no right way to watch them, either. If you want to go through, lesson by lesson, do it! Or pick and choose the topics that pique your interest. 

Either way, we’d love to hear what y’all think of these courses and what you want us to cover in the next Zapier University course(s). These are supposed to help you, after all, so tell us what topics we missed or where we can go even deeper into a feature. 

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