Big changes are coming to paid Zapier plans

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Big changes are coming to paid Zapier plans

Following on from the changes to Zapier plans earlier this year we’ve been working hard to deliver further improvements to our paid plans, making it easier to choose the right plan for your needs. As of April 2, 2024, we’ve made some additional exciting changes to our paid plans!

What’s changing?

Starter Plan customers get a free upgrade

We’re upgrading everyone from a Starter plan to a Professional plan at no extra cost. Giving existing Starter plan customers access to Professional plan features like 2-minute polling times, unlimited premium apps, autoreplay and more! Live chat will be available for Professional plan customers on a 2K task tier or higher.

Introducing the Zapier Enterprise plan

Our brand new Enterprise plan empowers business and operations teams to automate without compromising on the guardrails that IT teams need. Designed to meet the unique challenges of large-scale automation it offers enhanced observability, refined controls and streamlined deployment processes. When you’re ready to scale usage across departments or your entire business, our Enterprise plan is here to support you.

Added task tier options for Professional plans

In addition to the existing 2K to 2M task tiers, we’ve added 750 and 1500 task tiers. Allowing you to opt for lower task tiers without losing access to Professional plan features.

SSO now available for Team plans

There is now an add-on available for Team plans customers that enabled the SAML single sign-on (SSO) feature, previously exclusive to Company plans. We’re now phasing out Company plans and will contact existing customers on those plans to share details on the next steps.

What does this mean for you?

  • Experience the full power of the Zapier Automation platform: With Zapier Chatbots, Interfaces and Tables available across all Zapier plans you can now build seamless, end-to-end solutions with native tools, no matter what plan you’re on. Or leverage as many of Zapier’s 6,000+ app integrations as you want on any paid plan.
  • Scale without worry: All paid plans now have higher task tiers available so you can scale your task usage without needing to upgrade your plan.
  • Powerful automation: Everyone now has access to create powerful, fully featured Zaps on any paid plan.
  • Automation for all: We’re increasing the capabilities of all paid plans and enabling more powerful enterprise-grade features to help every size of business automate and scale on Zapier.

With these changes, our new Zapier plans provide all the tools you need to build and scale end-to-end workflows that harness the power of automation, no matter the size of your business.

Eager to learn more? Check out our Enterprise Plan and Existing Plan Updates announcement for the full details of all the changes taking place from April 2, 2024.

My current “Legacy” Starter plan has 1000 tasks a month, but the Professional plan for the same price only has 750 tasks a month, so I’m wondering why this is considered an upgrade?  Shouldn’t I get the same amount of tasks since you are saying it’s a free upgrade?  It feels like a downgrade because to get the same amount of tasks I have to pay more.

Hi @KKMQ, welcome to the Community! 🎉

I’m so sorry to hear the task allowance that was available on your legacy plan doesn’t match up to the new task tiers that are now available.

The new Professional plan gives folks that were on a Starter plan access to more advanced features that weren’t available to them previously. But when streamlining the plan options it’s really tricky to account for everyone’s task usage needs. With build-in tools like Formatter, Filter, Paths, Delay, Zapier Interfaces etc. not counting towards your Task usage hopefully this will help to offset the difference in the new task allowance in the equivalent priced plan. 

Really appreciate you sharing this feedback here so I’ve passed your comments over to the team in charge of pricing changes. I can’t make any promises but it will definitely be reviewed and taken into consideration when adjusting the plans further. While there are no immediate plans to make additional changes the current plans available, we’ll be sure to share news of any further updates in the Community.

If there’s anything I can help with in the meantime just me know! 🙂