Meet the new Help Center

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Meet the new Help Center

Hi, everyone! I'm the product manager for Zapier's Support Experience team and just wanted to share that we just launched a completely redesigned help center at

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 3.02.37 PM.pngThe new help center features:

  • New information architecture, with all information organized in a clear hierarchy of categories and subcategories. Each category and subcategory have landing pages, and each doc page shows where it falls in the hierarchy in its breadcrumbs.
  • New page templates and docs that have been redesigned to minimize distraction and make it easier to process dense information. Many docs have been completely rewritten, and the long sprawling pages of the old docs have been broken up into tutorials and reference docs targeted that serve specific purposes.
  • A new feedback system that timestamps all ratings and feedback provided by users so we can measure progress over time, and makes it possible to see when a piece of feedback from a user has been resolved.
  • Improved search that allows you to filter out app docs and that does a better job of surfacing relevant content.
  • Embeddable FAQs that can show up on /help, category, subcategory and document pages. These FAQs provide short answers to common questions and let us write once / publish everywhere.
  • A single shared content base with the Editor Guide. The docs in /help are now the same as the docs that you can find in the editor.

This is a big release, but is really just the first step towards building a great new help center, continuously improving based on user feedback and what we learn. We'll be monitoring feedback and ratings closely, so if you have any feedback on docs, please leave it in the feedback boxes at the bottom of each one—we read all of it!

And note: we've added redirects from all old URLs to new corresponding docs, so any old links you have bookmarked or posted anywhere should still work.

And if you have any general comments, feedback or questions, chime in in the comments below!