• 4 July 2023
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I’m using the CLI to create a trigger that accepts dynamic fields.

It works fine, except that I’m finding bundle.inputData contains an extra field called “_zap_static_hook_code”.  If I send bundle.inputData to my API in the body, as I’ve done with actions that use dynamic fields, it causes my API to error because it’s not expecting that field.

Can anyone tell me where this field comes from, or why it seems to appear in the inputData for a trigger but not an action?

I have a workaround, using JavaScript decomposition to create a copy of bundle.inputData with that field removed.  But I’d be more confident about the reliability of my workaround if I understood why it was happening in the first place.  If this is some internal Zapier variable that’s getting exposed, then the name of the variable might change in the future and then my workaround would stop working.

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