Zoom to Vimeo Zap: "problem with your upload" error

  • 12 October 2021
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It looks like most of these posts are old. Wondering if there has been any progress on this issue. I tried changing my settings but I still can’t get a Zoom to Vimeo zap to work. It goes to Vimeo fine but on the Vimeo side I get a “problem with your upload” error message. TIA.

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10 replies

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Hey @Wendimere, welcome to the Community! 

Are you also running into the same “Media type ’text/html;charset=utf-8’ is not supported” that was been being discussed in the other thread previously? Or are you just seeing an error that says “problem with your upload” and gives no further details?

If you wouldn’t mind sending over a screenshot of the error you’re getting and the current set up of the Vimeo step, (please be sure to obscure any personal details from the screenshots before posting) I’d be happy to take a look to see if I can spot what might be causing the error. :)

Hi @SamB I’m having the same issue as @Wendimere - here is my screenshot.


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Thanks for that, @zapmrs! Do you mind sharing screenshots of the Vimeo setup in your zap? Please be sure to obscure any personal data. 🙂

@christina.d - yes happy to.  can you clarify what exactly you need to see in my zap setup?

Here are some screenshots of what I thought you meant:


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Hey @zapmrs,

Those screenshots will do nicely! :)

It looks as though you’ve selected the correct field (Video Files Download URL) containing the Zoom recording link. One thing that can cause issues sometimes is if that field contains more than one link. Is that the case here perhaps?

If not, are you able to send over a screenshot of any errors you’re getting in the Zap History or on Vimeo when you try to view the uploaded video?

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I have a working Zap that uploads videos from Zoom to Vimeo when the recording is available. I had to adjust the settings in Zoom to make sure only one video file is pushed once the recording is finished (so no separate files for different speakers or screens).

Oh interesting @mzsadiek - thanks for this tip.  I’m in my settings now and trying to get this to work - this is what I currently have set for cloud recording settings in my zoom - does this mirror the settings you suggest?



@SamB - so there are no errors showing in the actual zap - it says the zoom video send to vimeo is successful, but this is what I see in Vimeo (the “optimizing” indicator just keeps spinning, but the video never loads into the player):



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Hey @zapmrs, thanks for clarifying and for sending over that screenshot. :)

Hmm, I’ve seen a similar error appearing in Vimeo in the past where Zoom recordings are password protected. Do the recordings you’re attempting to upload from Zoom have a password set?

If so, can you try disabling the password and then make a test recording to see if the Zap is then able to successfully upload the video to Vimeo?

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If the recording is password protected then it could also not work because of that reason! The meeting itself can be password protected, that’s no problem.