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WooCommerce Variation ID for subscriptions -- making sure zap is not sent every time a payment renews

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I am using a zap to invite people to mighty networks groups and courses, based on their specific purchases in WooCommerce. The majority of products within WooCommerce are variants, so the zap is set up to run based on “Variation_ID” AND status = complete, and there are multiple OR options in a Zapier Filter to make sure that all possible payment options are included.

In one case, we have a single training with:

-Full payment option

-Payment Plan option

I have it set up as above, but my concern is that the payment plan option will trigger the zap every month that they pay off their payment plan, as each payment plan order comes with the same Variation ID. Can I tell Zapier within the filter to skip it if the zap has already run using that Variation ID?


Best answer by christina.d 12 July 2022, 01:19

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Hey there, @ModoYoga! Thanks for reaching out and welcome! 🎉

Interesting! It sounds like would be achievable but do you mind sharing your current zap setup for the team to take a peek? That may help give us more context!

Also I wonder, if the Paths app may be an option for you? This is a super helpful read on “The magic of nested Paths”.

Super eager to see what the Community is able to surface for you! 🤗

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Hi Christina,

Thank you!

I was wondering about Paths - would that be instead of Filters?

I’m not able to share my zap because it uses an invite-only link, but here is a screenshot of the filter logic, hopefully that gives a sense!


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Hey @ModoYoga! Were you able to try out using Paths as @christina.d suggested? Paths are set by using conditional logic to dictate the flow of information, and the article linked above really has great information in regards to what Paths can do! This is some information on the basics of Paths. Let us know if you were able to get your Zap up and running 😊 

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Thanks! I didn’t end up trying because I discovered that mighty networks doesn’t double up on invites, so even if the zap is successful it gets stopped at the Mighty Networks level. They are running well right now, but I expect could be running better if I give Paths a try!

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Oh I see, if you have some time to work through it I’m sure adding Paths would be beneficial! Let us know if you need help or get stuck along the way 🙂

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Hey friends, I wanted to swing by and summarize some of the responses here. 🤗

Ultimately for this scenario, the OP realized Mighty Networks doesn’t allow for double invites and so this workflow wouldn’t have been feasible. 

That said here are some of the resources offered for Paths:

TamRazzleDazzle did a great job of summarizing what Paths are:

Paths are set by using conditional logic to dictate the flow of information...


Here’s some extra reading to checkout on the basics of Paths and some other neat workflows to peruse.