When using Jotform and Quickbooks Online (QBO) , how do I create an estimate using the info from the jotform?

Hello, and thank you in advance for any help. 

My issue is similar to this one that was answered earlier, but I would like to create a zap that takes the order information from Jotform and create an estimate in QBO rather than an invoice. I’ve already made a zap to create the customer in QBO, but since I’m new to Zapier and still learning how to use it I’m stumped on this particular issue. In the other community question I referenced, they were redirected to Zapier staff member, I figured I should try and ask here before I go up the chain but I’m happy to get the help wherever I can.

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Hi @Rex at Rock River Bison! Welcome to Zapier and to our community :)

Can you tell me a bit about the JotForm submissions that you receive? How complex is it in terms of what a person is ordering? If you wouldn’t mind elaborating a bit on how you’ve got that part set up, as well as QuickBooks Online, that will help us figure out the complexity of a Zap for this. Thanks!

@nicksimard, Thanks for your response, and thanks for the welcome!


The JotForm has customers fill in what type of product using a text box below each type of product (eg “X product” 1 package):

This is generally what the JotForm looks like, with an area at the bottom for them to input their shipping info and other information. We currently have 35 items available (including the ones above), but can expand in the future as well. It’s a really simple setup on JotForm, I’m just not sure how to combine the two apps using the tools Zapier has. I’ve looked into the articles on line-item support, but got confused from information overload.



This is what I currently have for the customer creation zap:

It was originally slightly different than this, as the last step was an actual customer creation step from QBO rather than the find/create step. I changed it because I was getting errors from customers who had a repeat order which is new for my business. This one allows for repeat customers as it only finds the customer and then does nothing afterwards unless there’s no customer in QBO already.