We didn't retry Zap has changed too much -- Is there a solution to rerun fixed zaps?

  • 19 October 2021
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Is there a solution for rerunning Zaps where the "Zap has changed too much"? 



We had an error in one of our Zaps which kept turning the Zap off both silently and completely. I have since identified the problem, but spend many many hours redoing the end of my Zap path and otherwise trying to identify the problem. 

As a consequence, I have a list of several hundred rows of data which I want to pass on to my end point, but which are currently labeled as "Stopped - Error".  I also have several thousand rows of data that were filtered out and which I don't want to rerun. 

I want to rerun all the "Stopped - Error" Zaps because that data is valuable to me, but when I rerun those Zaps I get a message "We couldn't retry [this] because the Zap has changed too much."


What I did 

  • [Attempt to fix that I can't seem to roll back] I removed and re-added the "create ticket in [endpoint repository software]" step of my Zap, since that's where the problem seemed to be. It is identical, insofar as I can tell, to the original. 
  • [Actual solution] I changed a field type from multi-select to text input in my endpoint database software, fixing the root cause of the error.



  • If a Zap fails of course I'll try to fix it. In that case, I'd like to have the option to rerun the Zap from the point where I imported the data, even if the Zap itself looks quite different. 
    • I've needed this 3 times before. 
  • Otherwise, I'd like a way to revert back to the earlier version of my Zap. (In my case, the problem was actually in the endpoint software, not in Zaper, but it took me a while to figure that out.) 
  • "Invalid field" isn't a hugely helpful error message when I have 15 fields and no idea what is invalid about one of them. Took me ages to remove each one individually and restart the Zap each time. 
  • [Separate feedback] It would be fabulous if we had the option to display data from any given relatively complete row of data we import. I know I miss a lot of rows on a given random data row. I'm using the preview to know if the field content is correctly aligned - e.g. if we have several columns for different dates I want to ensure the date I'm using is the right one, or if there are several fields for email, I want to make sure I'm using right one. 

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Hi @uxresearcher 

Check out this article:


You can export your Zap History:


Feedback and feature requests can be submitted via Zapier Support:


The returned error messages (invalid field) are usually from the app not the Zap.