Updating Inventory quantity in wooCommerce not working properly

  • 1 June 2020
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Hi Zapier Community,


I am using an update zap to update stock quantity in wooCommerce (feeding data from a google sheet), but this is not working properly. It seems if the quantity is a number that has never been used before the zap will trigger an update, but if the stock levels return to previous levels, the zap will not trigger again. My assumption is that when a change has been triggered on a row, this should trigger a zap regardless if the quantity number has been used previously or not. 


What is happening and is there a solution to this?


Thank you,


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1 reply

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Hi @Nick!

If you’re referring to Google Sheets not triggering when a value in a cell has been seen before, we’ve got that documented in our help docs.

So if you had a number there and the row is updated to something that had previously existed in that column of the row then the Zap will not trigger, I’m afraid. If you can describe your overall workflow we may be able to help you come up with a reliable way to trigger the Zap (like having a column with a timestamp in it or something). Thanks!