Updated deals matching filter in Pipedrive aren’t triggering the Zap when they enter the filter again

  • 2 July 2021
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Hi Jared - 

Super helpful workflow, thanks for sharing. 

I think I found a bit of an issue - we have a custom field in deals for “expected ship date”. This can change multiple times, which means that the activity can match the filter multiple times… which it seems breaks the workflow. I don’t see any new activities showing up when I attempt to pull in test data after the 2nd or 3rd change on the same deal. 

Is there a workaround for this circumstance?

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1 reply

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Hey @fit3d, welcome to the Community!

The "Activity Matching Filter" trigger for Pipedrive uses deduplication so would only trigger once for each Activity, the first time the Activity enters the filter.

How is the filter currently set up in Pipedrive? Is it set so to look at any activities that have the custom field updated? Or is it looking for a specific value in the custom field that is updated? 

If the activity doesn’t have the same value in the custom field each time it enters the Filter, I’m thinking that you could set up multiple filters in Pipedrive that check for different values. Then you could have duplicate Zaps looking at different Pipedrive filters so that you’re able to trigger each time the activity enters one of the Filters. Do you think that approach might work for you here?