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to create a dynamic table is to integrate it in an email

  • 25 March 2020
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Dear all

It's been several hours that I've been trying to retrieve my items, number of items, and prices from my CRM in order to automate the order confirmations, but I can't manage to create 3 columns and go to the line at all.
I took care to automate the separation of data in google sheet, I tried to format ... but I can not do it. Could you please give me a tip? 

thank you very much

take care


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Hi @LVzaps 

Can you break this down a bit for us by showing us what you’ve built so far and what issues you’re having?

Hi and thak you @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu 


Here are the 3 steps I created :


Step 1 : I have connected Pipedrive to retrieve the field containing the items, the number of items and the price. (for info I can't retrieve them as is in an email because it will put all the info afterwards like this: 
“item1, item2, item3, item4...”)


Step 2 : I've been trying to separate the data by column labels :


Step 3 : I've inserted an html code to format the columns. My problem is that I can't put the names of the articles after each other :



here's the result :



thank you very much for having replying to my post.



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Hi @LVzaps!


The trouble here is that the information from Pipedrive is coming as line items but Gmail doesn’t support line items, so the information will just look like regular text separated by commas. 


 It is possible to split that information into different fields so that you could put it in different rows in the table, but that would only work if each deal in Pipedrive has the same number of items. 

To split the line items into individual items, you’d need two Formatter steps for each line item field (Product name, quantity and price). You’d need to first use a Formatter > Utilities > Line item to text step and then you would run the output of that step through a Formatter > Text > Split text step. 


The tricky part is building the table, if there’s always the same number of items in the deal then you can do it. If there could be a different number (eg there might be a different number of products in the deal, then I don’t think it will be possible - or at least certainly not without some custom code (and I confess I wouldn’t know where to start there!)


One alternative that I can think of would be to create a Google Sheet with the items and send that as an attachment, rather than including the table in the body of the email. To do that, you need use a Google Sheets Create Spreadsheet action and then use the action Create Spreadsheet Row(s). The Create Spreadsheet Row(s) action does support line items and each item from  Pipedrive would be added as a new row in the sheet.