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Still Receiving Emails After Purchase Test on Website. [Linked to Clickfunnels + Keap]



I’ve setup two actions on my website; for customers to receive emails:

  1. Abandoned Cart Emails
  2. Purchase aka Thank You Emails


I’ have stup the sequence that when someone adds their information on the checkout page and leaves without finalizing the purchase, I send them an email reminder. When someone purchases something, I send them a Purchase/Thank You email. The two tests I did was:

  1. [Abandoned Cart] I did a test where I left the site without completing a purchase. This test yields the desired results so I get an email reminder.
  2. [Purchase] I did a test of purchasing something and going to the ‘Thank You’ page. I received the “Purchase/Thank You” email so that’s fine. But I am also recveiving the sequence of [Abanonded Cart] emails in the first test. So it seems that my email is being grouped with people who “Abandoned Cart” even though I successfully made a purchase.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PS: I am linking Zapier to InfusionSoft (Keap) and ClickFunnels.


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Hi @Guybrush Threepwood ,

Thanks for reaching out! I see you are working with Joseph in Support on this issue and that they are digging into your specific Zap configuration.

I will let them continue to troubleshoot but please let us know if you have any additional questions- happy to help!

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In case anyone else is having a similar issue where they have a ClickFunnels Zap that seems to be triggering more than once per contact. This is a known issue that can happen when the Zap is triggering from more than one step in the funnel.

For example, when someone is opting into the first step in your Funnel, they are taken to a second step, where the contact activity is tracked. This triggers the zap for the first time in the second step, even before the full form is submitted.

When the person submits the second page, then it will trigger the zap for a second time, causing the duplicates.

To avoid running your Zap's actions twice, you can setup a filter immediately after your ClickFunnels trigger. What you'll want to do is add a data point that is asked only in the second step of the funnel and received upon submission. We can then use that data point (for example, a phone number) as a marker to indicate the user has passed through both points of the funnel.

Then, you can setup a filter in your Zap to continue only when the phone number field exists - that will ensure that the action steps would be processed only after the application page where the phone number is submitted.

You can check this article about filters for more details: