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Quickbooks Online to Google Sheets: Is it possible to create separate spreadsheet rows for each line of a journal entry?

  • 5 December 2020
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I currently have a zap that creates a new spreadsheet row in a Google Sheet anytime an expense is recorded in Quickbooks Online.  However, if the expense has multiple line items in QBO, it doesn’t created multiple rows in the Google Sheet; rather, the zap combines all components of the expense onto the single row. Is there a way to have the zap create separate spreadsheet rows in Google Sheets for each line item of a journal entry in QBO?


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12 replies

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Hi there - Yes! We have that Action as Create Spreadsheet Row(s) which supports line-item like you mentioned. It will create separate spreadsheet rows in Google Sheets for you. Please give this a try and let us know if it worked for you. Thank you!

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Amazing - thank you @steph.n ! That worked perfectly! :blush:

Is there also a way to exclude certain lines of the journal entry?

For example: I create a journal entry in QBO that splits an expense into three different accounts (1001, 1002, and 1003). I’d like to create rows in a google sheet for account 1001 only (in other words, I’m hoping to exclude any transactions linked to 1002 and 1003 from the google sheet). Is there a filter setup so the zap only pulls certain lines of the journal entry and excludes others? 

Thanks again!

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Hi - Oh, I’m so glad that worked for you! 

Yes, you may use Filter by Zapier to exclude certain lines or even data from your journal entry.

This topic also exists on our community:


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@steph.n I’m still not sure how to exclude a single line item from the journal entry (rather than the entire journal entry). 

For example, let’s say I make this journal entry in QBO to classify a credit card transaction:

My hope is to record the “8401 Auto Expense” line item of that journal to a Google Sheet, so I set up a Filter:

This triggers these rows on the Google Sheet:

The first line is perfect, but I’m hoping that the “6302 Office Expenses” line item is excluded. Is there a filter set-up to achieve this?


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Badge +8 - Instead of “(Text) Contains” could you try flipping it and making it “Does not contain” and input 6302 instead? I feel like you’re so close here. You need to make sure the Filter step excludes what you don’t want and allows every other data to pass through.

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@steph.n yes...however there’s over 250 different accounts in this particular Quickbooks, and I only want to create spreadsheet rows in the Google Sheet when a few specific accounts show up in a journal entry. So, if I used “Does not contain”, unfortunately I believe I would need ~245 different “Does not contain” filters on the zap. Obviously doable, but would prefer a simpler solution if at all possible. Any other ideas? No problem if not! I really appreciate all the help. 

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Badge +8 - Silly question, but did you set up the Filter step before or after receiving that data in your Google Sheets? Asking because if you kept your current Filter step to “(Text) Contains” and 8401, and then test the step out:



It should look green like this if it worked:


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@steph.n The filter comes before the row is created in the Google sheet, and the zap does continue.

Is there a way to set up a step to delete a row in a google sheet IF it doesn’t contain certain data? In other words, could I create a next step in the zap that then searched the spreadsheet rows, and, if the row did not contain “8401”, the row would be deleted?

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Badge +8 - You can try that with the Delete Spreadsheet Row action after the Google Sheet row is created. 

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@steph.n Okay so I have this step now in the zap:

Is there a way to set the Row value to be such that it only deletes rows that do not contain “8401”?