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More than 3 Paths in path group

  • 5 June 2021
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Can we have more than 3 paths in a path group please?

I get this error message on a conditionally run… → “Sorry, you can only add 3 paths right now.”






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Hi @patrickmast 

You can submit feature request to Zapier Support here:

In my opinion, if you are trying to use more than 3 Paths in 1 Zap, then you ought to consider making the Zap dynamic perhaps with a lookup table (e.g. GSheet or Airtable), or using webhooks to daisy chain Zaps together, and/or using Sub-Zaps.

Paths are great, but do have limitations at scale.



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Some news for @patrickmast , and everybody using Paths in Zapier workflows. It’s now possible to add up to 5 Paths in your Zaps! ⚡️

If you find a Zap needs more than 5-Paths-wide, our Support team could help to increase the limit for a particular Zap, or advise on another method that’s right for your workflow.

@Troy Tessalone’s excellent advice from before can also be a great fit for many workflows — other methods like Lookup Tables, Google Sheets and Airtable can help to make individual Zaps more dynamic. And Troy’s ideas to connect multiple Zaps with Webhooks or Sub-Zaps can further scale up your workflows!

Lookup Tables:


Multiple Zaps with Webhooks: