Managing paid memberships with Squarespace and ActiveCampaign

  • 17 June 2022
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We just launched a new Subscription/Membership service using Squarespace and Stripe for payments.

What’s the best way to manage these memberships using ActiveCampaign?

I need to be able to manage our members-only mailing list effectively including subs, unsubs, and EDM’s. 


Wondering what solutions others are using! :) 

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4 replies

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Hey there, @MikaylaN! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community! 🙌🏽 Congrats on the new launch!

So others members can offer the best solutions, do you mind sharing specific details of the zaps you’re looking to setup?

You can also take a look at some of the triggers in Squarespace and Stripe along with the actions in ActiveCampaign to see if there’s any pre-made templates that could be useful. I’m a big fan of those. 🤗

This looks like it could be a nifty read from the blog too:

Looking forward to digging into this with you! 



So others members can offer the best solutions, do you mind sharing specific details of the zaps you’re looking to setup?


Hi Christina!


I can only see a trigger for Squarespace form submissions only. But I don’t know how to filter through people that are current paying members. 

The Zaps would look something like this: 


  1. Trigger: Squarespace - New member subscribed
  2. Action: Add user to ActiveCampaign along with a subscriber tag, or custom field with date that the subscription ends


  1. Trigger: Squarespace - Member cancelled monthly subscription 
  2. Action: Remove tag or add to a custom field stating their membership will end on a particular date

Hi christine! Just wondering if you had any developments? The problem seems to be that there’s only 1 trigger point for Squarespace, being form filled. This doesn’t seem to include memberships or new accounts though (unless im missing something). 

Thanks :) 

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Hello @MikaylaN  

I would suggest you to use workaround solutions to achieve the things that you are trying to.As you said,you were using Stripe,then trigger the zaps based on Stripe.

There are many triggers for Stripe inside Zapier and just be smart to play with different things like  New Subscription,Cancelled Subscription,etc and see what the data comes up during testing.

Based on that just add a filter step and create rules depending on your use case.

In the past I had to try out different triggers available for Stripe to get that Contact Email and filter the things out.

Later based on the Trigger,add tags to Contacts inside ActiveCampaign using the Action Steps.