Looping through object lists which contains array type fields

  • 10 July 2022
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I have a list of items and each item has a field which contains an array of numbers. But when it runs each iteration contains all values for this array type field.

This is the loop action (this has 2 items in the parent array, thats why it shows two arrays with numbers)

These are its iterations (expected values were only 93, 94, 95, but it shows all values from all iterations)

In each iterations, this field contains all the values we recieved.

Is there any way to overcome this issue? Thanks

2 replies

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Hi @Pasindu Chinthana 

Good question.

You’ll have to use a custom Code step to handle nested arrays before trying to use the Looping app.

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Hey @Pasindu Chinthana! Checking in here to see if you were able to configure a Code step to get to the outcome you’re after. If you’re needing help with this part, let us know and we can move this over to the “Code & Webhooks” category to see if we can get some technical eyes on this one!