How to know what to pick at each step?

  • 24 August 2020
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Ok, noob question I’m sure. So I have my email from my site linked with IMAP ( I also have Active Campaign for my buyers list and Follow up Boss. I am trying to get it so when someone opts-in on my site, it grabs the email, phone, name mainly from the IMAP email then zaps over to AC then from AC to FUB, then into my email automation drip. 

Issue I have is, I have no idea what to select when making the zap, I feel like it will take many wasted hours just experimenting all the different items in the drop down menus. Seems like a huge waste of time trying to figure it all out, when a 5-10 minute phone call would make this happen. There is no phone number to call Zapier  to get this all worked out? I couldn’t find one, only an email support system..  There has to be another way to do this? Seems overwhelming when learning this stuff. 

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Hi @Chris_D , 


You can view a simple tutorial on how to make your first zap here:


In this case the trigger would be your IMAP email and your action in active campaign would be “Create/Update Contact”. 


Then you could add a third step which would make your zap a multi-step zap. 


Let me know if you have any questions. 




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That video has none of the items I have in my drop down menus. No idea which to pick without experimenting with all the different drop downs. After the new contact thing its all different. I got it all “connected” according to the test, but didn’t do what it was supposed. It isn’t clear at all from a noobs perspective. To not have actual voice contact is kind of a major let down;p. This can be resolved over some simple human conversation that doesn’t exist in business anymore ;p. I’m sure its easy once you really learn this stuff.  Everything I watch, doesn’t relate to what I see in my drop downs. I have a login email that the information goes to, then automatically goes to the IMAP email ( but its hard to explain all this stuff when I don’t even understand the basics when it is combining with this zap stuff. Very frustrating and wasting a lot of time with it.