How do I send a email through Gmail using an email address provided in a Trello Card?

  • 14 April 2022
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I have many trello cards, each for a separate client. I have each client’s email address listed on their card. My goal is to have email updates sent out automatically when certain triggers are reached on each card. I found a previous post where someone asked the same thing. It was suggested they use a formatter. I don’t really understand what this means. Is there someone who can explain this for me? I would be eternally grateful! 

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5 replies

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Hi @CFlanny 

Good question.

Are you storing the client’s email address in a custom field on the Trello Card?

What Zap trigger event for Trello are you trying to use?

Perhaps post screenshots for us to have more context, thanks.

I have tried creating a zap to send an email from gmail once a card is moved to a new list. I also tried creating a zap to send a calendar invite when a card is moved to a new list. 

I attempted using a custom field titled email, but I never could get it to show up in the options for the email recipient. 

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Is the email address data point returned from the Zap trigger step?

If yes, then you can map the value between Zap steps using the ‘custom’ mapping option.

The email hasn’t been returned, it hasn’t been sent. I can’t find a way to use an email address I have added to a trello card as the recipient for the zap email. 

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As a workaround, if there is only 1 email address in the Trello Card Description field, then you can use a Formatter > Text > Extract Email step in the Zap to get the email address.