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How do I create a Zap for automated ChatGPT updates in OneNote upon new Section creation?

  • 9 August 2023
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Is it possible to create a Zap that does the following?


1.) Is triggered when a new Section is created within a defined Notebook that is shared among multiple OneNote accounts

2.) Generates output from ChatGPT from a defined question that references the title of the new Section of the Notebook

3.) Appends this information to a specified page (or even better a specific point within a page) within the Section of the notebook


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4 replies

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Hi @Carl.T 

Good question.

Try these Zap steps...


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Hi @Carl.T! 👋 

Just wanted to check in here to see how you go on? Did you manage to get things working by creating a Zap with those trigger and action steps that Troy suggested?

Let us know if you’re stuck at all and need some further help on this! 🙂

Hi - thanks for the responses.

So I think the first issue which is a roadblock to the feasibility of this is that I need it to work for a note in OneNote that is shared with other.  Is there a plan to change this?

Secondly, when I am creating the zap, there seems to be a process for the trigger based on a new note within a section, but not if I create a new Section within a notebook?  To be clear, the notebook is going to be structured with a single notebook containing multiple sections with each section being an analysis of a particular event (and having a number of ‘pages’ within the section relating to the event).  But it seems I have to choose an existing section within the trigger, the issue being that I want the trigger to be when I create a new section?  Is that possible?




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Thanks for getting back to us here @Carl.T! 🙂

I did some checking and you’re right, it doesn’t seem like shared notes are currently supported. You’re not the first to ask about this as there’s an existing feature request that has been discussed in Community before:

I’ve gone ahead and added your vote to that feature request to help increase it’s priority and allow us to notify you by email once it’s added. For anyone who comes across this thread and also wants to have their vote added to that, please reach out on the main topic in Community that’s tracking interest for that specific feature request.

The New Note in Section trigger would run whenever there’s a new note is added to a specific section. In order to trigger the Zap when a new section is created you’d need a “New Section” type of trigger, but such a trigger is not currently available. Again, there’s an existing feature request for a “New Section” trigger to be added to the OneNote app. So I’ve added your vote to that. I can’t give any sort of ETA as to when it would be added but we’ll definitely send you an update via email as soon as it is!

Sorry to not have better news on this. I couldn’t see any reported workarounds at present, but if we come across any we’ll be sure to share them with you here.