How do I create a hidden invitee list in Google Meetings using Zapier?


We’re looking to build a zap which includes an action of creating a new google meeting and adding invitees. However, we’d like to make the invitee list hidden to recipients. Is this possible through zapier? (It is possible through a traditional google calendar invitation, though I haven’t found that feature available in zapier)


I saw some other, older posts which suggests that it is not possible and it is listed as a requested feature. If this is the case, please add my vote for this feature to be added!

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Hi @triangleman 

If it’s not an available field setting in the Zap action for GCal, then you may need to explore using the GCal API via a Custom Action or the API Request action.


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Hi @triangleman, welcome to the Community! 🎉

I’ve gone ahead and added your vote to that feature request to help bump up it’s priority. I can’t make any promises around when you can expect it to be implemented but we’ll send an email notification to you when/if it’s added. 

For anyone who comes across this post and also wants to be added, please reach out in the main topic for this feature request here

That is where we’ll be sharing any updates on the feature request in future. 

In the meantime, Troy’s suggestion of using a Google Calendar API Request action or Custom Action will likely be your best bet. It looks like there’s a guestsCanSeeOtherGuests setting available for the Events: insert endpoint which you could potentially use to set the guest list to be hidden. API Request actions and Custom Actions are a bit more advanced and you’d have to reference the Google’s API when setting up the request. But we have some general guides on how to set up those sort of actions which you might find useful: 

Hope that helps. If you run into any issues in setting that up do let us know, happy to assist further! 🙂