How do I connect Intercom to Google Form to collect customer requests at checkout?

  • 17 June 2020
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We extensively use intercom to manage existing clients primarily. The queries are troubleshooting, questions about our processes, and visitors inquiring to register. 

One process which users request for, from time to time is check out. For this to take place, we have a message template saved which we send asking them to fill out 6-7 fields of information. 

I am looking to create a connection between our intercom account and google forms which would then automatically give the client the form and the filled in copy would be updated at our end. 

Any help would be appreciated!

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3 replies

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@checkout -


How would you/do you receive a request for the form? 



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Thanks for your response! So at the moment when a customer requests a check out, we send them a saved reply on intercom. The reply has a list of 5-6 entries, such as name, e-mail, contact number, registration number, etc. I have created a form on Google Forms which has all these entries. I see two issues which I am not clear on right now:

  1. How do I connect the google form to the intercom interface.
  2. How do I trigger the form to the client. The options given include new customers, and other actions which aren't suitable to our use, as per my understanding.
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@checkout Sorry we missed your message! Did you get this sorted in the end? Or do you still need help?