How do I add to a specific list in constant contact when a student enrolls in a LearnDash course?

  • 20 March 2023
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Could someone let me know the exact steps to add a newly enrolled learndash student to a constant contact list?


at the moment I have: trigger: student enrolls in a course in learndash

action: find or create contact: I have added the name of the list I want them to go on, but it isn’t adding them to that list, even though in the history it says the zap was successful


So from what I’ve read I need to add another step: update contact - but when I try to add this step it asks for an ID - and there doesn’t seem to be an option to keep the same id and just update the list.


What am I missing here?

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5 replies

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Hey @Jessica Lambert, welcome to the Community!

In order to update the same contact as the one that’s found by the Find or Create Contact action, you’ll need to select the Custom value option then pick the Contact Id field from it. For example:

The Update Contact action uses the value in the Contact ID field to know which contact it should update, it won’t update that user’s ID number. Then the contact will be added to whichever list is picked in the List field. You can find out more about how to use the Custom value option to select a value from a previous trigger or action here: Add custom values to dropdown menu fields in Zaps

Can you give that a try and let us know whether that then allows the Zap to update the correct contact?

Thanks - Your answer helped me to enter that info, but it still isn’t adding the contact to the list I selected.


Are there instructions anywhere for setting up this integration?

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@Jessica Lambert you can check out this page here. It does not appear that this Zap is instant. Have you given it about 15 minutes to update and checked back? As frustrating as that can be, especially on a time crunch, sometimes our Zaps just need a little longer to gather information. 

I also found this at our Help Center. Have you checked you Zap Run History? I’d be interested in seeing if any errors have popped up there. 

Thanks Chanelle - yes I’ve seen both of those but they don’t seem to go far enough… These are the things I don’t understand - maybe you can help… and apologies for the long post.

This is what I’m trying to do:

I have 3 Learndash courses in WordPress

I have 3 different lists - one for each course

I want to join a new student to the relevant list when they enroll, even if they are already a contact but on a different list

I feel like it must be so simple - I must be missing something!


So far: I’ve set up: when a user enrolls on the specific course it sends a trigger (this bit works...) Then I’ve got find OR create a contact and I’ve set the list I want them to go on.


The first zap I created works fine for a new subscriber but if the subscriber exists on another list it stops with the error: Validation failed: Email already exists for contact

So I guess with this one I also need an action that updates an existing contact (as in the link you sent) but I tried adding it onto the existing zap and that didn’t seem to work… so do I need to have a seperate zap for that?


The other zap, which I have set up in exactly the same way joins the student to a completely different list. I’ve checked it a million times and that is not the list I chose in the zap… so I’m totally confused on that one.


I realise you probably can’t really help with specifics…. I tried support but no reply yet

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Hi @Jessica Lambert 

I noticed that you’re already working with one of our Support Specialists on this. They already replied,

Can you please send a link to the Zap you're working with over so I can take a look? I tried to access the link for the Zap you sent over initially but it looks like either that Zap has been deleted, or you no longer have access to it.

Our Support Specialists will be able to assist you further as they can check the Zap you created.

If you need further assistance you may continue working with our Support. 😊